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本文摘要:少儿英语句型温习Hello. = Hi. = Hullo. = Hallo. 喂Good morning. 早上好.Good afternoon. 下午好.Good evening. 晚上好.Good night. 晚安.Goodbye. = Bye. = Bye-bye. = See you.= So long. = Cheerio. 再见.Thank you. = Thanks. 谢谢.You are welcome. = Thats all right. = That


少儿英语句型温习Hello. = Hi. = Hullo. = Hallo. 喂Good morning. 早上好.Good afternoon. 下午好.Good evening. 晚上好.Good night. 晚安.Goodbye. = Bye. = Bye-bye. = See you.= So long. = Cheerio. 再见.Thank you. = Thanks. 谢谢.You are welcome. = That's all right. = That's OK. = Not at all. = It is a pleasure. 不用谢.Sorry. 对不起.It doesn't matter. 没关系.1. What's your name? 你叫什么名字? My name is Jack. 我的名字叫杰克.What's his name? 他叫什么名字? His name is Mike. 他的名字叫迈克.What's her name? 她叫什么名字? Her name is Linda. 她的名字叫琳达.How old are you? = What's your age? 你多大了? I am seven. 我七岁了.How old is he? 他多大了? He is eight. 他八岁了. How old is she? 她多大了? She is nine. 她九岁了.2. What's this? 这是什么?It's a pencil. 这是一支笔. 原意是"它" (it ,但不翻译为"它") .What's that? 那是什么? It's a book. 那是一本书. Is this a dog? 这是一只狗吗? Yes, it is. 是的,它是. No, it isn't. 不,它不是. Is that a cat? 那是一只猫吗? Yes, it is. 是的,它是. No, it isn't. 不,它不是.3. I like swimming. 我喜欢游泳. I don't like skating. 我不喜欢溜冰.Do you like watching TV? 你喜欢看电视吗?Yes, I do. 是的,我喜欢. No, I don't. 不,我不喜欢. What do you like? 你喜欢什么? I like …. 我喜欢…. He likes playing football. 他喜欢踢足球. He doesn't like homework. 他不喜欢作业. Does he like sleeping? 他喜欢睡觉吗? Yes, he does. 是的,他喜欢. No, he doesn't. 不,他不喜欢. What does he like? 他喜欢什么? He likes…. 他喜欢….3. Nice to meet you. = Good to meet you. = Glad to meet you. = Pleased to meet you. 见到你很兴奋. (在非正式场所下和某人初次晤面时说. ) How do you do? 你好. (在正式场所下和某人初次晤面时说. ) Nice to see you. = Good to see you. = Glad to see you. = Pleased to see you. 见到 你很兴奋. (和朋侪晤面时说. )4. How are you? = How are you doing? 你好吗? (询问康健状况)Very well, thank you. 很是好,谢谢. Fine, thank you. 好,谢谢.Not too bad, thank you. 不太差,还行,谢谢. So-so, thank you. 一般,谢谢.Not very well, thank you. 不太好,谢谢. Terrible, thank you. 很糟,谢谢.5. What's the weather like today? = How's the weather today? 今天天气怎么样?It's sunny. 晴天. It's cloudy. 阴天,多云. It's rainy. 雨天. It's windy. 风天. It's snowy. 雪天. (it 用往返答时间,距离,天气,价钱等,不能翻译为"它") .6. What's for breakfast? 早餐吃什么?What's for lunch? 午餐吃什么?What's for dinner? 晚餐吃什么?7. What time is it? = What's the time? = What does your watch say? 几点了?It's six o'clock. 6 点了.8. What day is it today? 今天星期几?It's Monday. 星期一. It's Tuesday. 星期二. It's Wednesday. 星期三. It's Thursday. 星期四. It's Friday. 星期五. It's Saturday. 星期六. It's Sunday. 星期天.9. I have…. 我有…. I have a bike. 我有一辆自行车.I don't have a car. 我没有汽车? Do you have a train? 你有火车吗? Yes, I do. 是的,我有. No, I don't. 不,我没有. What do you have? 你有什么? He has a book. 他有一本书. He doesn't have a pen. 他没有一支钢笔. Does he have an eraser? 他有橡皮吗? Yes, he does. 是的,他有.No, he doesn't. 不,他没有. What does he have? 他有什么? He has… 他有….10. There is/are … 有…There is a book on the desk. 在桌子上有一本书.There are some apples on the tree. 在树上有一些苹果.11. How many people are there in your family? 你家有几多人?There are three. They are my father, my mother and I. 有三个. 他们是我的爸爸, 妈妈和我.12. I want… 我想要 I want a banana. 我想要一个香蕉. She wants an orange. 她想要一个桔子. I want to play basketball. 我想要打篮球. She wants to play the piano. 她想要弹钢琴. What do you want? 你想要什么? What do you want to do? 你想要干什么?13. I would like… 我想要I would like a pineapple. 我想要一个菠萝.She would like a coconut. 她想要一个椰子. I would like to go shopping. 我想要去购物. She would like to go hiking. 她想要去徒步旅行. What would you like? 你想要什么? What would you like to do? 你想要干什么?14. What color is the door? 这个门是什么颜色?It's blue. 它是蓝色的.15. What do you do? = What are you? = What's your job? 你是干什么的?I am a teacher. 我是一个教师.I am a doctor. 我是一个医生.16. Where are you from? 你来自那里?I am from Shanxi. 我来自山西.Where do you come from? 你来自那里?I come from Shanxi. 我来自山西.17. What are you doing? 你正在做什么?I am singing. 我正在唱歌.What is he doing? 他正在做什么?He is reading. 他正在念书.What is she doing? 她正在做什么?She is watching TV. 她正在看电视.18. What are you going to do tomorrow? 你明天计划做什么?I am going to go to the park. 我计划去公园.19. Let's… 咱们…吧.Let's play games 咱们玩游戏吧.Let's go to the zoo. 咱们去动物园吧.20. What about…? = How about …? …怎么样?What about you? = How about you? 你怎么样呢?21. What's your hobby? 你的业余喜好是什么? I like rollerblading. 我喜欢滑旱冰.22. How do you come to school? 你怎样来学校? I go to school by bus. 我坐公车上学. I go to school on foot. 我走路上学. by car 坐汽车 by taxi 坐出租车 by train 坐火车 by helicopter 坐直升飞机 by subway 坐地铁 by plain 坐飞机 by bike 骑自行车 by ship 坐船23. What … do you like? 你喜欢什么…?What color do you like? 你喜欢什么颜色?I like green. 我喜欢绿色.What fruit do you like? 你喜欢什么水果?I like grapes. 我喜欢葡萄.24. What's your favorite subject? 你最喜欢的科目是什么?My favorite subject is math. 我最喜欢的科目是数学.25. What's your telephone number? 你的电话号码是几多?My telephone number is 13700500961. 我的电话号码是 13700500961.26. Where do you live? 你住在哪儿?I live in Nanneihuan Street. 我住在南内环街.27. How much is the book? 这本书几多钱?(询问价钱)It's 10 yuan. 10 元.28. Where is the post office? 邮局在哪儿? Go along the street. 沿着这条街走. Turn left. 向左拐. Turn right. 向右拐.28. When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么时候?My birthday is June 6th. 我的生日是 6 月 6 日.30 .Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空吗?Yes. I'm free. 是的,我有空. No, I'm busy. 不,我很忙.31. What's your nationality? = What nationality are you? 你是什么国籍?I am Chinese. 我是中国人.32. How many books do you have? 你有几多书? I have three books. 我有 3 本书.33. Who is your best friend? 谁是你最好的朋侪. My best friend is Jesse. 我最好的朋侪是杰西.34. Can you speak English? 你会说英语吗? Yes, I can. 是的,我会. No, I can't. 不,我不会. Can you ride a bike? 你会骑自行车吗?35. I am tired. 我累了. I am hungry. 我饿了. I am thirsty. 我渴了. It's time to … 该…了. It's time to go to school. 该上学了. It's time to go to bed. 该睡觉了.内容计划:待满足“圈子功效与专栏功效”时,图说英语原创图文与短视频陆续对外开放。每一步前进,都离不开大家的转发与支持,接待大家,一起解锁更多精彩英语学习内容!智学英文:短视频+图说英语习得路径:拼读+跟读+阅读图说新观点+七日练音标/拼读/单词/语法仅供免费学习使用,如涉及版权,请联系予以删除。也希望每位同伴尊重每一个作品背后的支付,如果使用,请注明出处!接待列位关注,点赞,转发与评论!谢谢每一次的“赞赏”!始终坚信:好的分享是一种“美”!发现美,创作美,分享美!。



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